Personal safety is a major concern in today's world. Increased crime rates, emergency situations and unexpected disasters are always threatening us. Knowingly or unknowingly, all of us are worried about the safety of ours and our loved ones. Safety solves this problem with its awesome features and keeps all users safe.
Safety Features
Safety Activation
Safety Activation helps you to manage your emergency situations easily and more effectively. It will send alert messages to personal emergency contacts and emergency services, make automated calls to emergency services and produces a siren alarm. It manages your golden hour efficiently and brings as much help as possible.
Offline Track Location
Track location of your loved ones even if they are offline. You can locate them at any time without their permission. Request contacts once to let you track them and allow contacts once to let them track you. This helps to get the location of missing persons or people you worry about.
Verified Disaster Alerts
Safety will give you verified disaster alerts along with emergency response numbers and important information when an official warning is announced or when a sudden disaster has occurred. This will help you to stay safe during disasters and protects you from  getting trapped by fake messages.
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